Video Poker Strategy

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With these video poker strategy cards as guides, you can play as well as the best professional in Vegas, on machines that offer a return percentage up to and over 100%.

Before we dive right into playing, you should learn how to use these video poker strategy cards. The process is fairly simple, but may not be obvious at first. Remember, these video poker strategy cards are based on Full-pay versions of the machine that they reference.

The strategy card will list a number of poker hands from top to bottom. To use video poker strategy cards, fire up your game and take a look at the hand you’ve been dealt. Start comparing this hand to the hands on the strategy card, starting from the top, working your way down. The highest hand on the list that matches the hand that you have, are the cards you should keep. Keep the combination of cards that match the strategy card listing, discard the rest, and you’ve just used your professional video poker strategy! Now, practice makes perfect, so you can learn to make each decision without referencing your strategy card.

The perfect game to start practicing your first proper video poker strategy is full-pay Jacks or Better. It has a very straightforward strategy and shouldn’t leave you with many questions.

Jacks or Better Strategy Card
Royal flush
Straight flush
Four of a kind
Four-card royal flush
Full house
Three of a kind
Four-card straight flush
Two pair
Pair of jacks or better (high pair)
Three-card royal flush
Four-card flush
TJQK: unsuited
Pair of 10s or less (low pair)
9TJQ: unsuited
89TJ: unsuited
9JQ (s)
9TQ (s)
Four-card straight, open, no high cards
Three-card straight flush, two gaps, two high cards
Three-card straight flush, one gap, one high card
Three-card straight flush, open, no high cards
JQKA: unsuited
Two-card royal flush, two high cards
Four-card straight, one gap, three high cards
Three-card straight flush, two gaps, one high card
Three-card straight flush, one gap, no high cards
JQK: unsuited
Two high cards: unsuited (when you have three don’t keep the ace)
Two-card royal flush with 10 and no ace
One high card
Three-card straight flush, two gaps, no high cards
Nothing (draw five cards)

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